Licensing your art, A Conversation with Maria Brophy

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Maria-brophy Maria Brophy has successfully represented lifestyle artists for the past decade.  She specializes in art marketing and licensing and gives seminars at various venues to share her experiences.  A fierce advocate for artists, she writes a blog at that helps creative people to design the life and career of their dreams.

Ten years ago, Maria Brophy became the Brand Manager for her husband Drew Brophy's artwork. Since then, Drew has become known as the top licensed surf artist in history, he has over 30 licensees that pay him to use his art on their products, and he is well respected in the art world.

Maria's vision is "that all creative people get to do what they love for a living (and get paid well for doing it)".

We'll discuss the opportunities and the potential perils of licensing your artwork, including negotiating control of how and when your work is used. We'll also discuss working with art agents— what they can do for your career and what you need to bring to the table.

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Further Resources:

  1. Son of the Sea Maria and Drew's licensing company
  2. Official Drew Brophy site

Show Highlights: Excerpts From the Conversation

Once the transcription is completed I'll include some of the best portions here.

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My specialty is impossibility remediation: if it can't be done, I'm on it.

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