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Art Heroes Review, No. 02
How it can suck to succeed and the Bubble Wrap Effect— a conversation with Hugh MacLeod

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I am excited to launch Art Heroes Review, a companion publication to the radio show that completes the vision I had when Art Heroes began. The name Art Heroes Review was carefully chosen to reflect the fact that it is both a serial publication on a regular schedule, as well as a review of the best information contained in each show. Starting with the transcript of the show, each issue is edited for clarity and then boiled down to the very best material. In some cases, I've added new material that was not in the show but should have been, so it's not just a rehash of what you've heard. When you download an issue, you'll actually get two files— the Review and a corrected version of the full transcript as well.

To celebrate the launch, I'm giving away the issue based on Episode No. 02. How it can suck to succeed and the Bubble Wrap Effect— a conversation with Hugh MacLeod. I will be uploading more issues of Art Heroes Review each day this week. Once I get caught up with the backlog of shows, the Review will be published weekly.

Reese Spykerman did an amazing job on the design for the Review, which won't surprise you if you listened to her episode, How to design effective artist websites that get results. We've worked together to present the information from the Art Heroes Radio show in the most useful and useable format possible.

A resource for Artists who want to succeed

The show is a lot of fun to listen to, but it's not always the best way to take in information. Many of us learn better and remember more when we read. Sometimes you really want to be able to skim a topic or skip ahead. Reading is also faster than listening to audio, so if you're busy, the Review might be a better resource for you than the radio show.

Text has a lot of other advantages too: you can take notes in the margins, bookmark the parts you want to return to, search for keywords, copy and paste ideas straight into your business plan. It's easier to pick up where you left off if you want to read it a bit at a time. And you don't have to wonder what someone said if they've gone all mumbly for a moment.

The format of Art Heroes Review is designed to be a resource you'll use over and over again. There's lots of white space on the page for taking notes. Pull quotes call attention to the best ideas in each episode. A summary page at the end presents the most important ideas you can act on. There are clickable links to resources so that you don't have to Google for things you want to follow up on.

As an artist, your business model has to be as creative as your art. There's no one right way to do things when you do creative work— no one system, plan, guide or set of rules is perfect for everyone. That's why I think the diversity of ideas, practices, and outlooks in Art Heroes Review will be of value to you. You'll find ideas worth trying and hopefully be inspired to take some of them even further and try something that's never been done before.

Why Art Heroes Review will not be free

The radio show is totally free and always will be, but Art Heroes Review will cost $15 for individual issues.

One of the recurring themes in Art Heroes Radio is getting paid for your creative work and being transparent about the actual costs of doing that work. As much as I would love to make Art Heroes Review a free resource, I can't afford to. The design work and the software to use it were $1500. Hiring a good transcriptionist costs about $70 an episode. It takes about 30 hours a week to produce Art Heroes Radio and the Review.

My goal with the show is to show you where an MFA meets an MBA and inspire you to make art a sustainable career. I don't want to just entertain you— I want to see you take action. I believe that actually paying for information is a much stronger commitment to moving forward towards acting on it.

For now, the Review will be available only as individual issues, but I'm working on putting together a subscription plan which will include all issues of Art Heroes Review, as well as some exciting new content just for subscribers. The subscription will be less expensive than buying individual issues and you'll get exclusive membership content as well.

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