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The survey below is an attempt to get a better grasp of the direction you would like Art Heroes to go. The survey is anonymous— it doesn't tell me who answered which way on any given question, so don't pull your punches. Also, none of the questions are required, so you can skip any question that you don't care about or feel uncomfortable answering. But I'd really appreciate it if you do fill out all the answers, especially the ones about Art Heroes Review at the end. It gives me a much better idea of what people want and expect from the show… and allows me to focus my time on the parts you collectively want most.

There are only the ten questions on this page… SurveyGizmo automatically lists the page number even when there are no additional pages.

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I'm best known as an artist and designer. Relaxing makes me tense, so I tend to put in a lot of hours on diverse projects.

On the way to a successful art career I've been a poet and writer, a tech geek, a print and web designer, illustrator, industrial designer, musician, teacher, actor, set designer and even a paid guru once.

It's all the same thing in the end— I wake up most days thinking about how I want to change, fix or improve some aspect of the world. And after a couple cups of coffee I get started on it.

My specialty is impossibility remediation: if it can't be done, I'm on it.

Mobile: 231.584.2710 (9 to 5 PST only) | Email me
Twitter | Skype: johntunger | LinkedIn | Facebook

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If you have a question for Art Heroes guests during the live show, ask me on twitter. Type @johntunger followed by your question and I'll try to work it in to the show. Tag twitter comments about the show with #ArtHeroes.

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